Parmenion Soparfi S.A. is an investor, focusing on three main themes: New Finance, Changing World and Sustainability. Two Parmenion Group companies – Nicanor and Parmenion Ethical – can be seen as group investments in the ‘New Finance’. As such they act as investment advisor to financial companies, institutional investors or family offices who want to set up their own investment funds with our Group acting as ‘financial architects’. In such cases Group entities will use group IP, proprietary systems and our Investment Concept when creating tailor-made fund solutions.

An important basic conviction within the Parmenion approach is the fact that there are many ‘best-of-breed’ providers of partial or niche solutions out there. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, our Group approach will start by finding the ‘best-of-breed’ outperforming building blocks for our solutions. Thereby using screening devices like our asset allocation and investment manager selection framework.

Whenever we can’t find the right active component to use, we will use cost-efficient passive funds (e.g. ETFs) to finalize the solution. In this process we will at all times be totally independent: underperforming components will be replaced, no matter which fund manager they are associated with.

In case the client also wants us to help set-up a tailor-made fund structure, we collaborate closely with a strong fund administration partner in Luxembourg, where according to us both the fund administrator and Luxembourg as country for fund set-up qualify as ‘best-of-breed’. We can also assist when setting up fund structures outside Luxembourg, like for instance in Malta, Switzerland, Dubai etc.


Financial Architects instead of Fund Managers


Whenever participating in or creating fund solutions, Parmenion Group companies will collaborate as fiduciary partner / implemented consultant.

We are most definitely not an investment manager, but more like fiduciary service providers. The well-informed end investors that work with or participate in Parmenion (family offices, ultra-high net-worth individuals and institutional investors) add placement power to our decisions. In other words: we are ‘financial architects’ that play a fiduciary role when creating solutions in which best-of-breed investment managers are used as building blocks.


Current Parmenion Fund-of-Funds Solutions


Several of our Group companies have (or are about to) set up – together with a Luxembourg-based fund administrator and Dutch asset manager – a series of Fund-of-Funds solutions: so-called SIF-Sicav solutions in Luxembourg for well-informed investors who require tailor-made solutions (minimum participation Euro 125k); and a solution for retail investors in the Netherlands, with us advising the licensed asset manager who created that fund.

The table below gives an overview of the two main funds and some selected sub-funds:



For more information about these fund-of-funds and sub-funds please visit the websites of Nicanor, Parmenion Ethical and Evolve. They also contain additional information about sub-funds not mentioned here, plus details about the funds and sub-funds.

Premium All-Weather

Nicanor All-Weather

Triple F Ethical

Evolve FinTech Fund


Would you like a tailor-made fund solution?


As ‘financial architects’ / fiduciary partner our Group entities are always interested in helping you set-up your own fund solution. With our databases containing financial information for more than 100 countries and half a dozen asset classes covering a period of almost 50 years, our experienced team knows how to analyse markets. Together with our database partners we also have at our disposal information about approximately 20,000 individual strategies from about 5,000 investment managers and information about requests for proposal (RFPs) concerning investment mandates outsourced by large institutional investors. This enables us to compare with the right indices and peer groups when creating solutions for you.

Interested? Feel free to contact us.