Good fund solutions require good fund structures, management and a robust investment approach. With our business model being a fiduciary one, the Parmenion Group has decided to offer management support to third parties who believe that our involvement could add value to their fund solutions (either at the individual fund level or at the level of the management corporation behind a fund solution). Our directors will in all cases provide ‘intrinsic’ added value, but they can become an essential ingredient of a ‘domiciliation’ process as well (in selected fund jurisdictions).

We have joint directorships together with/via our fund administration/servicing partners in Luxembourg and we also operate in a direct manner (Luxembourg and several other jurisdictions). Depending on your specific case we will select the right director for you. In all cases, it will be a senior executive at Parmenion Group who will not simply tick the necessary boxes, but add intrinsic value and a useful network that might help to expand the reach of your business as well.

Based on the intensity and level of responsibility of the job, we have defined three ‘types’ of directorship service:



If you want more information about a Parmenion executive or non-executive directorship for your company, feel free to contact us.