Triple F Foundation

Emerging Managers

Parmenion Soparfi’s basic focus is on direct investments, either directly or via our Group affiliates. But our key staff is also available for selected external directorships that would one-way or the other also be beneficial to us. E.g. because it would be a good experience to learn more about a specific type of investment vehicle, or a sector or a country. We also collaborate closely with our three main Group affiliates when creating internal fund advisory solutions, with the Soparfi ensuring that the Group IP provides a recognizable fingerprint to each of the created fund solutions.

Together with our colleagues at Parmenion Ethical we also coordinate the activities of the Group’s own Charity.  But Parmenion Group does not only provide a helping hand via its Charity, we also give special support to Emerging Asset Managers, talents of today that will be grandmasters tomorrow. Whenever feasible, we will contemplate the incorporation of these talents into our solutions.