Next to Parmenion Soparfi, our Group consists of the following companies with a stake of 50% or more:


Nicanor Implemented Consultants (Netherlands; Business Services – Finance & Investing)


Nicanor IC has offices in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and Luxembourg. Nicanor’s main focus is Fund Advisory, Investment Consultancy, Corporate Finance and Valuation Advice for a clientele consisting of institutional & family office investors and corporate clients. Nicanor’s partners and senior staff cooperate closely with other group companies and a network of ‘best-of-breed’ specialists in the Netherlands and abroad. The firm was set up in 2015 as a 50-50 Joint Venture between Nicanor partners and Parmenion Soparfi S.A. with the main idea being the standardization and internationalization of the Group’s service and advisory model.

Nicanor’s experienced key staff has been involved in deals with a total value in excess of USD 5 billion for banks, insurers and pension plans. Institutions ranging in size from USD 5 million to more than USD 100 billion have used their services. The institutional markets in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, North America and UK were most important for the partners’ investment consultancy track record. In Corporate Finance space Nicanor partners have served both listed and non-listed companies, mainly in Europe and in emerging markets. Although the bulk of these firms were in the larger size category, we are convinced that the JV with Parmenion will enable Nicanor partners to roll out its services to small- and mid-sized enterprises as well. For more information on Nicanor key services and specialties check their website.

 Parmenion Ethical (Luxembourg/Netherlands/UAE – Responsible Investments)


We created Parmenion Ethical not just with the goal of having a within-Group moral compass as far as our ‘Sustainability’ theme is concerned. All around the globe we witness a growing interest in investment solutions that embrace the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-PRI) or variations thereof. In collaboration with best-of-breed sustainability/ESG/Islamic Finance consultants/scholars and investment managers, Parmenion Ethical develops fund (of-funds) solutions and tailor-made investment mandates that comply with both the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment and the Shariah.

We believe that the underlying principles of Islamic Finance and Banking are to a large extent based on common guidelines that are shared with those of other major religions. But with Islam being the youngest of the major world religions, and with the Shariah being far more ‘operationalized’ into a cohesive, conservative financial system and investment approach (also due to the ongoing work of its leading scholars), we are convinced that ‘Sustainability’ / ESG in countries with a Judeo-Christian tradition is nothing more than a return to (or renaissance of) a lot of those same underlying principles.

This trend gained further momentum through:

  • The Global Financial Crisis of 2008/2009 and its calamities due to excessive leverage;
  • A worldwide demand for more transparency and better corporate governance;
  • Numerous reports about unfair or even unethical product development and bonus systems in major financial institutions across the globe;
  • An increased sense of moral responsibility to support the truly poor (people and countries), and – last but not least –
  • An ongoing awareness that we should not deplete global resources and act more responsible with respect to the inheritance that we leave behind for future generations.

Parmenion Group supports this trend and Parmenion Ethical does therefore apply a tight ESG and Shariah filter when creating its investment solutions. Parmenion Ethical’s senior staff have gained extensive hands-on experience in asset management, private and investment banking on portfolios and deals with a total value of more than USD 5 billion.

For more information, visit the company website.

 Evolve (Netherlands/Romania; FinTech, ICT & Online Marketing)


Evolve (based in Almere, Netherlands and Sibiu, Romania) is a newly-created technology and online marketing company, focusing on the impact of global changes in a digitalizing world. It is a joint venture between Parmenion Soparfi (50% shareholder), Parmenion Ethical (15%) and key staff from the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Romania (together 35%).

The founding partners believe that the impact of this digitalization will translate into enormous changes in sectors where ‘the necessity of being online’ and ‘new finance’ (one of Parmenion’s core themes) both play a pivotal role. We believe that the following five sectors will be most affected:

  • Financial Services (‘FinTech’)
  • Fashion & Luxury
  • Entertainment
  • B2B
  • Retail

So as to stress the increased focus on ‘sustainability’ and ‘fair finance’, Evolve will invest in (or advise third-party investors) funds or direct investments that qualify as ESG- and Shariah-compliant. To do so Evolve will work closely together with sister organization Parmenion Ethical (see also above).

Our service package is tailored to firms in these sectors. Especially companies in rapidly developing countries and/or evolving companies in developed countries will have to be prepared for potentially disruptive changes. Evolve will help them transform ‘disruptive threats’ into ‘creative opportunities’. Evolve’s Global FinTech fund solution will focus primarily on the first-mentioned key sector. Investments in the other key sectors are done via funds of partner firm Parmenion Ethical, with Evolve serving as one of the main advisors.

Our key staff has gained experience across the globe and has a hands-on track record including successful private equity/venture capital deals in FinTech space even before that ‘hot’ term was officially used.

For more information please visit Evolve’s website.