Jean-Philippe Cerutti, CEO and founder Parmenion Soparfi

Jean-Philippe founded Parmenion in 2011. He has about 25 years of relevant investment experience, dealing with institutional and private (family office and ultra-high net-worth) clients. He started his investment career at Société Générale in Paris, where he became head of Proprietary Trading and Technical Research. In 1997 Cerutti moved on to Credit Suisse and became an award-winning hedge fund manager, winning with his fund a ‘Best in its Category’ award in 2002. In 2008 he was appointed Chief Investment Officer of a multi-family office based in Geneva (MIF Group) with a strong client base in Switzerland and the Middle East, before founding Parmenion in 2011.

Over the years, Cerutti has worked on his trading and risk management framework, which in essence consists of a ‘Risk Budgeting’ approach that enables the user to impose tighter risk controls on the one hand, while making it possible to make money both in bullish and bearish financial market environments on the other. This Risk Budgeting system is a key element in Parmenion’s concept.

Jean-Philippe does hold several board member- and directorships in (multi-)family offices, investment funds and asset management companies.  If you want to know more about Jean-Philippe, please visit his Linkedin profile for additional professional information or email him at


Erik L. van Dijk, CIO Parmenion Soparfi

Erik is our experienced CIO with almost 30 years of relevant investment experience. He is a specialist in emerging and frontier markets (including investment valuation), asset allocation, portfolio construction and the selection of investment managers. He is also known for his work on Islamic Finance as an ambassador for a more integrative approach. In this approach western-style ESG Investing and Islamic Finance are merged into one framework that fits the UN-PRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment).

At the heart of Parmenion’s Investment Concept lies van Dijk’s joint work with Nobel Prize Laureate Dr Harry Markowitz with whom he worked together for almost a decade. Their seminal paper on Asset Allocation and Portfolio (Near) Optimization entitled ‘’Single-Period Mean-Variance Analysis in a Changing World’’ was published in the Financial Analysts Journal (March/April 2003), with an independent test by MIT professor Mark Kritzman c.s. showing the added value of the approach several years later.

Van Dijk has about three decades of relevant investment experience at both the academic and professional level. Not only did he work for brand name investment managers like Fortis Investments (Netherlands/Belgium) and United Asset Management/Old Mutual (USA/South Africa), but he was also involved in several private equity and venture capital initiatives. He has been a well-known asset manager and consultant in the institutional European investment market during the last 20 years and in the Middle East during the last 10 years. In the academic field Erik has worked as lecturer and visiting lecturer Corporate Finance and Investments at several business schools and post-graduate institutions in the Netherlands and abroad.

Erik has published a book on Quantitative Investment Analysis (in the Dutch language) and numerous papers in academic and professional journals. The 90-page chapter on Return and Risk in the Handbook of Asset and Liability Management (ed. Zenios & Ziemba, North-Holland Science Publishers, 2006) was co-authored with Dr Markowitz.

If you want to know more about Erik, please visit his Linkedin profile for additional professional information or email him at


Glenn Proellochs, Director Business Development

Glenn is an experienced business developer and senior executive with more than 25 years of relevant international experience in service management, financial advisory, fundraising, operations and customer service. He joined Parmenion Group in 2016 to lead and streamline the business development efforts of Parmenion Soparfi and other Group affiliates.

Glenn is based in Geneva, Switzerland from where he not just coordinates our global business development efforts, but also services as the local key representative in this important market for our institutional and family office wealth advisory services.

Proellochs has a successful track record consisting of many deals in global B2B and B2C space, with Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) and India being his prime markets. Glenn brings to Parmenion Group his experience in out-of-the-box, solutions-driven thinking which is so important in the changing world of Finance.

If you want to know more about Glenn, please visit his Linkedin profile for additional professional information or email him at