2011: Parmenion set up by Jean-Philippe Cerutti


The Parmenion Group was founded in 2011 when its main entity Parmenion Soparfi was launched by founder and CEO Jean-Philippe Cerutti. Cerutti started his career as a prop trader at Société Générale where he later became head of the prop trading desk. He then switched to Credit Suisse as an executive director in the hedge fund division. Cerutti’s hands-on knowledge of trading and hedge fund transactions and strategies translated into the first version of one of Parmenion’s core IP assets: the Cerutti ‘Risk Budgeting Concept’.

Later on he moved to a Chief Investment Officer (CIO) position in a Geneva-based multi-family office with strong ties in the Middle East. This is where Cerutti got his exposure to basically all global asset classes, including those that are less liquid and/or more risky. Combining this with his hands-on knowledge of markets and the developments in the financial services industry, he founded Parmenion Soparfi.


2015: Optimization of our Business Model and Theme-Investing Approach


In 2014 Cerutti met Erik L. van Dijk, currently Parmenion’s CIO, for the first time. Van Dijk was and is a well-known figure in European investment consultancy with a background in academia and quantitative hands-on asset management (Fortis, United Asset Management/Old Mutual). Van Dijk is a regular speaker at investment and corporate finance conferences across the globe and has written many pieces for academic and professional journals.

Van Dijk is especially known for his expertise in emerging and frontier markets and ethical & Islamic finance. Cerutti and Van Dijk agreed to join forces in 2015 and optimized the business model, thereby lifting the Parmenion concept to the next level, through an optimal integration of our core investment themes: New Finance, Changing World and Sustainability. Goal is to grow Parmenion Group both through internal growth as well as through additional acquisitions and international partnerships.

The very core of our longer-term Investment Concept (with Cerutti’s system providing the shorter-term add-on) is the joint work by Van Dijk and Nobel Prize Laureate Dr Markowitz. Together they have worked a decade on the concept of (Strategical and Tactical) Asset Allocation. The result of this extensive research has been published in the prestigious Financial Analysts Journal (March/April 2003) and has been tested at MIT (prof. Kritzman) a few years later. If you are interested in the FAJ paper and/or the test, please contact us at eloise.enanoria@parmenion-ic.com. We’d be happy to send you a copy.