With respect to sector focus, the Parmenion Group and its affiliates apply no specific tilts or filters in their indirect fund investments. Our direct investments (as stand-alone deals or via private equity and venture capital funds, co-investments etc.) are a different story. The table below explains:



Parmenion Group – Direct Investment Preference Grid


At first glance the table looks complicated, but a little explanation will suffice. At Parmenion Group we require our direct investments to score at least 2, but preferably 3 or more points. This implies that investments in our focus sectors that fit at least one of our three main Group themes (New Finance, Changing World and Sustainability) do automatically get our interest (and even more so when more than one of the main themes is involved). Obviously they still need to qualify after going through a thorough due diligence in which it is shown that the investments carry sufficient return potential, taking into account the risk that is attached to it.

Affiliate Parmenion Ethical focuses on investments that are both ESG- (UN-PRI definition) and Shariah-compliant. The latter because of our interest and specialization in Islamic Finance.  Investments that cater to this theme are of interest, especially when they relate to our focus sectors and one of our three main themes. ESG- and Shariah-compliant investments in other sectors can still qualify, but in that case it is mandatory that at least one of our main themes is also involved. If not they won’t qualify.

Investments that are not linked to any of our three main investment themes, nor ESG/Islamic Finance, can only qualify if they involve at least two of the focus sectors.