The Parmenion Group and its partners have a global investment focus. The asset allocation systems that support our investment decision-taking process cover 190 countries.

But every investment specialist on this planet (even the biggest fund houses and private equity firms/venture capitalists) does have their preferred regions. We believe that an investment specialist always needs to be transparent to you concerning these regional preferences. And not try to convince you they are ‘good at everything’ which we consider as a definite red flag concerning their being good or not.


Direct Investments


  • Based on the domiciles of our Group companies and partners, we consider ourselves as a ‘Europe’ specialist as far as Developed Markets direct investments are concerned.
  • In Emerging and Frontier Markets space our focus regions for direct investments are:
    • Russia and Emerging Europe
    • Middle East / North Africa (MENA)
    • Turkey / Central Asia
    • Africa
  • In other regions we work together with local best-of-breed specialists in direct investments

For more information about our direct investment strategies, please contact us at


Fund Investments


By combining our strategic and tactical asset allocation systems with our asset manager selection databases – using the systems basically as screening tools – we can cover the globe. The Parmenion Group is not a fund manager, but we are financial architects who can create or assist in setting up fund solutions in which third-party, best-of-breed investment managers will be selected for the bottom-up fund investment task.

For more information about our fund solutions, please click here for the Premium All-Weather fund. For other funds within our Group you can also visit the websites of our affiliates Nicanor, Parmenion Ethical or Evolve, or go here for a fund overview.