Parmenion Group prepares you for a changing world by sharing our views on financial, economic and geo-political matters. With independent and objective views and insights that often remain behind closed (financial) doors. But we need you too. To tell us what you want us to blog about.

Interactive Blog Challenge (#IBC2017)


So, we decided to challenge you. As of February 1, you can vote for a specific topic or suggest one of your own! The most popular topics will be chosen for our next blogs. Our blog categories are: Markets Today, Investment Education, The world we live in, Editors’ Pick and of course Your Choice.

Our articles will be written in an informative, razor-edge and food-for-thought kinda style. No matter what the topic is, we will always reflect our own opinion. While at the same time presenting those of other recognized specialists. We think this approach is key since we want to be ultra-transparent to you, our audience.


Interactive Interview Challenge (#IIC2017)

And we have another Challenge in store for you. We will interview prominent persons who have knowledge and experience in a certain field, may it be a specific company, country, market or customer study. We want YOU to communicate directly with these eminent experts. So, whenever we announce who we are going to interview, you can give us your specific question to add to this interview.

You may expect us to choose various appealing icon figures in the fields of purification, asset management, successful entrepreneurship or even international celebrities for these interviews. Interviewee names will be published up front.


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