Diversification is the only ‘(almost) free lunch’ in a complex world with inefficiencies and illiquidities.

Our sophisticated approach to diversification is embedded in quantative work of Nobel Prize winner Dr Harry Markowitz together with our CIO Erik L. van Dijk.


Our Philosophy

At the heart of our investment philosophy is the conviction that both ‘Return’ and ‘Risk’ should be analysed.  After all, a thorough analysis of risk in its various dimensions will bring you very valuable data.


Emerging Managers

We think dat the Emerging Investment Manager can be compared to a biotech startup where the big fund houses are the pharmaceutical companies. We need both of them, but without the dominance of giant financial institutions.


Parmenion Soparfi S.A.

We are a Luxembourg-based financial participation company that (partly) owns a group of companies, together forming the Parmenion Group.

Parmenion Soparfi owns the Group’s core intellectual property, an investment and risk management system with strong academic underpinning and good track record. Both IP constituents (joint work of our CIO with Nobel Prize laureate dr Markowitz and our CEO’s innovative ideas about risk budgeting) are licensed to our Group’s affiliates.

All three Group affiliates (Nicanor, Parmenion Ethical and Evolve) can be linked to one or more of our three basic themes:

♦  New Finance
♦  Changing World
♦  Sustainability

And when growing our Group we will require this for new affiliates or partner firms as well.

Asset Allocation

How to Avoid a Risk-Control Gap?


Corporate Finance

Valuations – M&A Advisory –
Funding Support – Business Plans



We carefully select our Asset Managers. And we are not afraid to hand out a yellow or red card.



Nicanor – based in the Netherlands – is our conventional investment, corporate finance and fund advisory firm. We service private investors, SME companies and smaller institutional investors who require a personalized approach. Core of the Nicanor philosophy is that we are your independent, fiduciary partner who creates ‘best-of-breed’ solutions.

Parmenion Ethical

Parmenion Ethical is also Netherlands-based, but with strong ties in the Middle East and Luxembourg. It provides fund advisory solutions to the growing markets of ethical and shariah-compliant investing. We believe that there is added value in both Western-style, ESG investing and in following the guidelines of Islamic Finance. We apply both filters and have labeled this approach: Fair Finance.

Triple F Ethical Fund

A closed-end, hybrid fund focusing on investments in private equity and venture capital. Always UNPRI and Sharia compliant.


Investment Approach

Portfolios based on Fairness, Asset Allocation, Diversification, Manager Selection and Active Risk Management



No longer just a word, but becoming a precious value in this age of ‘speedy deals’ and cut-throat competition.


Tech & Marketing

Evolve is focusing on the impact of global changes in a digitalizing world by applying technology and online marketing.

Triple Rated Hub

A FinTech solution for an online investment platform and community that connects promising Triple E & best-of-breed Triple P partners with asset owners. 



A high-frequency news algorithm, protected by our investment concept and TA as a safety belt and automatic pilot.


Evolve, is the Group’s FinTech affiliate.  Just like how we saw the rise of emerging and frontier markets change the international finance landscape, we will now see how the integration of New Finance and Applied Technology will be disruptive for a lot of mature, household names in banking and insurance. This creates tremendous opportunities for new providers.

The Evolve website is coming soon.

As investors and entrepreneurs, the members of Parmenion Group in general and Parmenion Ethical in particular cherish an ethical business approach.

It should therefore not come as a surprise that Parmenion Group has decided to create Triple F Foundation as a charity whose mission statement and main goals link directly to all three of its main investment themes.

Triple F Foundation wants to help improve (economic) decision taking through education, knowledge transfer and related initiatives in such a way that IQ, EQ and ethics all get sufficient attention and work together in taking the best actions.

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